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 Ghost Tours of America Research Pups

In my book, I learned that many animals can actually sense paranormal activities.  There were dogs that actually chased spirits away from their owners and dogs that played with ghosts, both human and animal.  But little did I know that I would have my own ghost research team right in  my house.

My business partner Andrea and I own Ghost Tours of America with locations in Phoenixville and Chestnut Hill, PA, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Berlin, Maryland.  People often think that it is easy to open a ghost tour business.  Just get a couple of stories and tell people about them.  But to do a good job, you need to be sure the stories are real, the timing for the tour is accurate and your guides are knowledgable and entertaining.  We do all the research ourselves and put the final tour together.  As we were planning our Outer Banks tour, we decided to take Pixie with us as we went through one of the final walk throughs.  In several of the locations, she would stop and refuse to move.  Other times, she would begin to bark for no reason.  I attributed it to her just being a dog. 

But one day she was being so persistent, I knew something was up.  So I took some pictures and sure enough, there were orbs in them!  We continued to take her with us on ghost tour research and each time she pointed paranormal activity.  When Animal Planet was looking for dogs with interesting jobs for their web series "Small Dogs, Big Jobs" we thought Pixie would be perfect.  She was and for the series explored the Pickering Creek Inn which is the beginning location for our ghost tour in Phoenixville.  Sure enough she picked out the several locations where we know ghosts have been spotted.

Then we opened up our newest location in Chestnut Hill.  When we took Pixie along to do the research she picked several spots that we thought were ridiculous.  She was relentless at the spot of the Bell Telephone building.  When we took pictures, sure enough there were orbs.  This fall when I was giving a tour, we actually caught an apparition at that spot.  I asked my many contacts in Chestnut Hill about the spot and no one knew of anything unique there.  One evening one of my tour participants told me it was the original site of a theater.  She had been there several times and witnessed some strange happenings. 

Over the years, people often ask me if I have trained Pixie to identify ghosts.  I just laugh.  Pixie had been kicked out of doggy play group and obedience school.  She ran agility but preferred to give you the "paw" instead of winning first place.  If Pixie did not want to do it, it was not getting done.  As small as she was, her spirit and feistiness was that big.

But unfortunately, her spirit was no match for lung cancer which claimed her life at 13 years.  In fact she died within a month after Scrappy her "husband".  Scrappy's death was very sudden and that fateful Sunday I heard him say to Pixie - "I'm dying" -   to which Pixie replied - "Oh no you are not!"

Now her granddaughter Starr will claim her position as the chief ghost hunter.  She has shown even more promise and more intense ghost hunting ability.  She has actually chased down a spirit at our home in North Carolina. Follow her on Facebook as she begins her new ghost hunting career.

Pixie the "original ghosthunter"

Here she is at work at
the Davis House in NC

Starr her granddaughter takes the helm. You can email me at starr@tailsoftheafterlife.com.

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